27 July 2009

Gesher Galicia: More databases!

Four new searchable databases have been added to the Gesher Galicia website, under Galician Landowner and School Records Indexes.

Kolomyya (Kolomea), Ukraine 1858 Homeowners Database
Sniatyn, Ukraine 1858 Homeowners Database
Sniatyn, Ukraine 1934 Boys' School Students Database
Sniatyn, Ukraine 1934 Girls' School Students' Database
Access them here.

In the next few weeks, according to Pamela Weisberger, landowner records databases will be uploaded for these towns: Bucacz, Zbaraz, Grzymalow, Jarowow, Uroz and Krystynopol.

The group will distribute digital images of more than 30 other towns - part of Phase 3 - in the Gesher Galicia Landowner Records and Cadastral Map Project to town leaders, who will inform their town group of the results. additionally, there are new town inventories to be added to the searchable inventory database.

For Gesher Galicia members, the next issue of "The Galitzianer" journal will contain more information on this project. To receive the journal, you must be a member.

Gesher Galicia SIG will meet on Monday, August 3 at the Philadelphia conference. Pamela will provide more details abut the new databases, maps and records, which serve as an adjunct to vital records research, placing your family in a town at a specific point in time. Currently these records cover the 18th-20th century in more than 50 towns which today are in Poland and Ukraine.

Special thanks goes to new Gesher Galicia board member Brooke Schreier Ganz, for creating the databases and getting them online quickly with Steve Morse's One-Step Search Tool Generator.

If Galicia is on your personal research radar screen, check out the new databases and view other resources at the SIG website.

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