27 July 2009

Philly 2009: MAC users to meet

Doris Loeb Nabel of Connecticut has planned another annual MAC users get-together at this year's conference. Join them on Tuesday, August 4, from 11.15am-12.30pm.

She's the Queen of Macs, having used one since 1991 (and JewishGen since 2000). She first organized informal Mac groups (meeting in lobbies and hallways) at several conferences. The group met officially for the first time at last year's Chicago conference.

From that birds-of-a-feather group, it has grown to the "gen-mac_users-schmoozers" and a Yahoo group, which facilitates discussions, uploads, questions and answers, as well as a forum for members to stay in touch and make progress.

Doris looks forward to seeing her old and new friends in Philadelphia.

Write to her privately to learn more about the meeting or to join the Yahoo group. She'd like to have your Philadelphia contact info (if you will be attending the conference), your proficiency levels as a genealogy researcher and Mac user; subjects you'd like to see on the meeting agenda on Tuesday and what evening/s (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday) might be good for a dinner get-together.

Doris is the publicity chair and webmaster of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Connecticut.

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