30 June 2009

Book: Bucovina Jewish cemeteries

A diplomat has published a book on Jewish cemeteries in Bucovina, Romania and Ukraine, a region shared by the two countries since World War II.

A Swiss Embassy counsellor in Bucharest, Simon Geissbuhler's book is titled "Jewish Cemeteries in Bucovina." It is a traveller's guide to 15 Jewish cemeteries - nine in Romania and six in Ukraine.

The Swiss diplomat said the idea of 'religious tourism' the Romanian tourism minister spoke of is a good one and, as such, the Jewish cemeteries in Bucovina should not be overlooked. He stressed that when one visits the monasteries in Bucovina, nearby one can see the Jewish cemeteries, which he believes are part of the Romanian cultural heritage.
Aurel Vainer, Romanian Jewish Communities Federation president, said the book provides information on the art and economic status of Jews who lived in the area.

'This work is a combination of a tourist guide and an art album and I'm speaking of the fact that the text written by Simon Geissbuhler is in the form of a traveller's journal, but the images in the album make one think the work is an art album', said Adrian Manafu, Noi Media Print publishing house editor.
He believes the Jewish cemeteries are genuine works of art. Bucovina is an old Romanian territory shared by Ukraine and Romania after World War Two.

Towns covered are Campulung Moldovenesc, Vama, Gura Humorului, Solca, Arbore, Radauti, Moldovita, Siret, Mihaileni, Storojinet, Vijnita, Banilov, Vascauti, Novoselnita and Herta.

The book is in Romanian, English, French, German and Ukrainian.

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