05 September 2008

ShtetLinks welcomes new pages

Susana Leistner Bloch and Barbara Ellman have announced the following webpage additions to JewishGen ShtetLinks.

ShtetLinks are memorials to Jewish communities which once lived in those towns and villages. The pages provide a place for text and photographs so that these communities may be remembered by future generations. The creators and designers are to be commended. Look through ShtetLinks and see if there is a site for your town of interest. If not, consider creating one.

Chabanivka (Bacsava, Bacovo, Batschive), Ukraine
Created by Marshall Katz
Click here.

Hirlau, Romania
Created by Lea Haber Gedalia
Web Design by ShtetLinks volunteer Robert Zavos
Click here.

Kamenka (Kamionka), Belarus
Created by Ze'ev Sharon
Click here.

Koden (Kodni), Poland
Created by Joyce Oshrin
Click here.

Kolonja Izaaka (Kolonia Isaaka, Isakova), Belarus
Created by Irwin Keller
Click here.

Krasnoye (Krasne), Belarus
Created by Eilat Gordin Levitan and Kevin Lo
Click here.

Minsk, Belarus
Created by Eilat Gordin Levitan and Kevin Lo
Click here.

Susanna is the newest JewishGen VP for ShtetLinks, and Barbara is the ShtetLinks Technical Coordinator.

Add Susanna and Barbara:

If you wish to follow their example and create a ShtetLinks webpage for your ancestral shtetl or adopt an exiting "orphaned" shtetlpage, please contact us at shtetl-help@jewishgen.org

There is now design help available to help those who wish to create pages. A recent appeal for HTML volunteers means that a dedicated team can help create a webpage for your ancestral home. Contact Susanna and Barbara at the email above if you'd like such help.

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