18 February 2008

Avotaynu stories from the heart

Gary Mokotoff of Avotaynu has announced a new book, Every Family Has a Story: Tales from the Pages of Avotaynu.

Regular readers of Avotaynu: The International Journal of Jewish Genealogy know that each winter issue - for 20 years - offers articles on the human side of genealogy.

The new book offers 72 of the best in one volume. "The book will not tell you how to do genealogical research," writes Gary, but will show how genealogical research affected the lives of researchers, the people they discovered and others.

There are eight sections with the first containing the best of the best; the remaining sections are People, Family, Back to the Old Country, Crypto-Jews, Luck, Genealogy and Holocaust. The complete Table of Contents is here, along with ordering information.

Read the sample story - "The Diary of Miriam Hanania" - by Batya Unterschatz, former head of the Jewish Agency's Search Bureau for Missing Relatives, here.

Current Avotaynu subscribers will receive a prepublication discount here. The 300-page book's regular price is $37, $29.95 until March 3.

Gary writes "this is what genealogy really is all about," and I certainly agree.

The book will be welcomed by those already involved in genealogical pursuits and more importantly, it will surely inspire many more to begin the journey down Discovery Road.

When relatives and friends ask why you spend so much time tracking ancestors and recording family stories, give them a copy and they'll understand that you are not alone in your quest.

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