18 February 2008

Carnival of Genealogy - iGene Awards posted

There are now 23 official founding members of the Academy of Genealogy and Family History, following the opening of the envelopes for the 2007 iGENE Awards.

Each blogger submitted their best blog posts in the following five categories: Best Picture, Best Screen Play, Best Documentary, Best Biography and Best Comedy.

Here is the round-up of the best of the best by Creative Gene's Jasia.

The entries cover diverse topics of time and place. Enjoy reading them!

The next topic, due March 1, is technology, and Jasia is asking us to write on what we most rely on for genealogy and family history research.

We are to select one piece of hardware (besides our computer), one piece of software (besides our internet browser), and one web site/blog (besides our own) that we find indispensable. Hmmmmmmmmm ...

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  1. Thanks for promoting and supporting the COG Schelly! Always appreciated!