16 February 2008

Holocaust memorial images online

Celia Male (London, UK) has placed online her newest group of 42 photographs, including images of public and private Holocaust memorials:

-Czech Republic (5): Pilsen, Kolin, Karlsbad/Carslbad, Valašské Mezíříčí/Valasske Mezerici/Wallachisch Meseritsch

-Poland (1): Opole, Upper Silesia

-Netherlands (2): Amsterdam

-France (9): Paris

-Hungary (3): Budapest

-Auschwitz-Birkenau (3): memorial plaques in German, Czech and Hebrew

-Austria, Burgenland memorials (5): near the Hungarian border, for slave labourers

-Austria (2): Vienna Zentralfriedhof Gate IV memorials

-Vienna, Austria (12 images): Holocaust victims are often cited on graves in Vienna. Take a look at these examples of private grief and how it is expressed on family tombstones.

Celia is also asking for help from Tracing the Tribe's readers:

For Vienna, I still need the house in Judenplatz and house plaques

Czech Republic - others in Bohemia and Moravia.. Prague ... Brno - etc etc???

Can anyone supply them?

View the images here.

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