10 October 2006

An Ancestry.com test-drive

Chicago Sun-Times business writer Howard Wolinsky, who has Lithuanian and Latvian roots, met recently with MyFamily.com’s new chief executive Tim Sullivan to review Ancestry.Com’s expanded resources.

Wolinsky wanted to see if there was any new information about his grandfather Henry Wolinsky, born Hillel Sragon in Lithuania, though he believed he had thoroughly shaken the family tree "from the National Archives Regional on the South Side to national and regional archives in Kaunas and Riga."

Click here to read the story, and find out whether he won his bet with Sullivan that Ancestry.com wouldn't discover any new relatives of Wolinsky's.

A true pioneer, Wolinsky was also among the very first individuals to test his Y-DNA with Family Tree DNA in Houston, TX.

The New York Times published (October 9) "Genealogy for the Living, the Dead, the Far Away," an interview with MyFamily.com's chief executive Tim Sullivan, who touched on upcoming new features, including DNA connections.

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