10 October 2006

Watching for Warszawa

Steve Lasky’s Museum of Family History has a nice New Year’s present for those searching for links to Warsaw.

He’s added a list of more than 16,000 names of passengers from the Ellis Island Database who last resided in Warszawa, Poland. Alphabetical entries include surname, given name, birth year and immigration year.

For more information, you can look up names at the Ellis Island Web site, or use Steve Morse’s One Step Web site.

Variants of that city's name are many, due to misspelling by ship officers, bad transcriptions and simple spelling errors: Varsava, Varsavia, Varsaw, Varschau, Varsevia, Varsevie, Varshaw, Varsovia, Varsovie, Warsaw, Warszawa and Warschau,

Steve’s main Warszawa page is very useful for researchers.

In addition to the list of 16,000 individuals, it includes maps, a unique surnames list from landsmanshten societies in New York/New Jersey, photographs of Warszawa cemetery gates, pre-war photos of families who once lived there, current city photos and Holocaust memorials.

Steve has lists for former residents of other areas, among them Vilnius, Suwalki, Lodz, Krakow, Bialystok and Lomza.


  1. Anonymous10:08 PM


    The Warszawa Immigrant List is now up to 46,000 names (up from 16,00.) There are similar lists for those last residing in twenty-six other towns and cities in Poland (as well as Vilnius, Lithuania).
    I also just published a page that discusses the errors made in the cursive writing of the ship's officers using the example of Warsaw. Reading this page might be educative and helpful when looking for ship manifest entries in the future. The link to this page can be found on my Site Map page under "Education and Research Center."

    Steve Lasky
    New York

  2. Hi, Steve,

    I am always happy to hear from you and it is hard to keep up with your great work.

    Your resources are helping so many people. A great idea about the handwriting page!