09 October 2006

Gen TV is on right now

Roots Television is a new venture providing free online genealogy videos to the millions of people interested in family history.

I spent some pleasurable moments looking at the index, and while most offerings are about general genealogy topics, some are more targeted.

For a lighter view of family history research, watch New York Jewish Genealogy Society member Jordan Auslander’s “Heir Jordan, Extreme Genealogy.” At the index page, click Roots Living–>Shorts->Heir Jordan Extreme Genealogy.

For a piece on Steven Spielberg’s Holocaust oral history project, click on Ancestors, Season Two->Ancestors, Records at Risk, 4 of 6.

Is DNA your thing? On the top bar, click DNA->DNA Stories->A Tale of Two Fathers, or click on DNA Lectures->DNA and the Jefferson-Hemings case.

The Call to Story section has many moving pieces, such as Syd Lieberman’s “There is a season.”

Take some time and explore the site. If you have suggestions for items or subjects they might be missing or that could be improved, write to info@rootstelevision.com

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