06 October 2007

Family Tree DNA: 4 Sephardic DNA groups

A message from Alain Farhi indicates that following a recent reorganization of the Sephardic DNA projects within FTDNA, there are now three Sephardic projects:

Sephardic Heritage includes DNA results of men and women known by
their own admission to be non-Ashkenazi Jews, i.e. Sephardim, Romaniotes, Mizrahi and Karaites etc. Members of this group are Jewish by their own acknowledgment and religious practices. For more information, click here.

Sephardic Anusim includes DNA results of all men and women who by some quiet admission within the family or family practices at odds with the families outward religion, generally Catholic, makes one believe that the ancestor(s) who pass these traditions down must have been Jewish as some time in the past and are interested in that history. Anyone seeking confirmation of their Spanish/Sephardic ancestry should join the Anusim project. For more information, click here.

Sephardic Migration includes the Y-DNA results of men whose surnames were selected and submitted by few genealogists. This project which is funded by the International Institute of Jewish Genealogy of Jerusalem is by invitation only. For more information, click here.

If you need a new DNA test kit, contact Family Tree DNA directly.

Alain Farhi is group co-Administrator of the Sephardic Heritage DNA Study.

There is also a fourth group - Iberia in Ashkenaz - co-administered by Judy Simon and myself, which is for Ashkenazi Jews with Sephardic roots:

There are Ashkenazi families from Eastern, Western and Central Europe who have Spanish or Portuguese surnames or an oral history of having Sephardic ancestors. The goal of this project is to determine if the Y-DNA haplogroups and haplotype signatures of males with Iberian surnames or oral history in Ashkenazi regions are similar to those of known Sephardic Jews.

Surnames currently represented include Abroz, Albagesi, Al-Bagezi, Arabena, Arabene, Aravena, Asbel, Asbili, Ashkenazi, Barbanel, Bassan, Biterman, Boldo, Broz, Brozgol, Cavalier, Consor, Davis, de Broz, Fahn, Fiol, Friedman, Gabler, Gafanovich, Gaffin, Gass, Gefen, Gelpe, Gobler, Gold, Goza, Gozhanskij, Henoch, Herzlich, Hollander, Hurroz, Iberian, Iofe, Jaffe, Jewish, Kanzor, Kavalierchik, Kushner, Lerner, Levin, Levinge, Lewis, Luria, Lurie, Mason, Melamed, Melamedavitz, Melondovitch, Merido, Merovitz, Merritt, Mozesson, Ofen, Orabona, Orabuena, Pellish, Rombro, Schor, Sephardic, Silver, Talalay, Talalai, Tollin, Taylor, Urroz, van Oven, Vroz, Widelec, Widelitz, Yoffee

For more information about this group, click here.

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