06 February 2011

Geneabloggers: 35 new genealogy, family history blogs!

Geneabloggers.com's Thomas MacEntee has discovered 35 new genealogy and family history blogs, bringing the total to 1,695.

Topics this week include: US Civil War, African-American, individual family history, Polish, Italian, German, Scottish, UK, North Carolina, education, technology, Massachusetts, genealogy industry, genealogy podcasts, Australia, South Africa, Iowa, surname, Midwest, Wisconsin, Japanese, professional genealogist, Virginia, cemetery and Indiana.

In addition to spotlighting the new Geneabloggers Radio, this batch includes several focusing on a topic dear to Tracing the Tribe's heart - genealogy education - so do check those out.

For more on each blog, click on Thomas' post.

About Our Freedom
African-American genealogy, US Civil War blogs

...To help people break free from the limitations which stem from lack of knowledge, misconceptions, and distractions in order to experience freedom to the fullest extent and to leave a legacy for future posterity. ...
Abruzzo Journal
Individual family history, Italian genealogy, Polish genealogy

... Abruzzo region of southern Italy, including Serramonocesca, San Salvo and Popoli. ... Podlachia region of Polond, including Bialystok, Knyszyn, Penskie, Dlugoleka, and the Podkarpackie region, including Brzyska Wola.
Bayern Roots
German genealogy, Individual family history

Individual family history (BEAUDOIN-LAROCHE)

Borders Family History Society
Genealogy society blogs, Scottish genealogy, UK genealogy

... Border counties (Berwickshire, Peeblesshire, Roxburghshire and Selkirkshire) of Scotland; adjacent counties of England and Scotland.
Civil War Emancipation Blog
African-American genealogy, US Civil War blogs

... a blog on emancipation...At its heart, slavery caused the Civil War and emancipation was its most important result. ...
Conner Trails of North Carolina
Individual family history (CONNER), North Carolina genealogy

Cudmore Family History
Individual family history (CUDMORE)

Deal With Your Past
Individual family history

Family Cherished
Individual family history

Family Folklore Blog
Individual family history

Family History and IT Tips
Genealogy education blogs, Technology blogs

Ge-ne-al-o-gy 101
Genealogy education

This blog site is intended for those who have started thinking about or have just started doing genealogy. The word genealogy comes from the Greek genea which means “race”, “family”. It is added to the Greek logia which means “akin”. Thus the akin family! It is an account of the descent of a person, family, or group from an ancestor.
Genealogy for Kids
Genealogy education

...a professional genealogist, genealogy educator and author living in the Chicagoland area. ... I made the move from hobbyist to professional genealogist in 2010 and am expanding my genealogy business to include the education of children. ...Children stay engaged in genealogy and family history as long as the activities are fun and keep their attention. I believe they must be challenging, hands on, and include some history. I also believe we must incorporate history into our family stories and view our families within their historical context, not ours.
Genealogy Ink
Genealogy education, Massachusetts genealogy, New England genealogy

... longtime member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, the National Genealogy Society, the Genealogical Society of New Jersey, and the USGenWeb. She’s also a freelance writer, editor, and researcher.
GeneaBloggers Radio
Genealogy industry blog, Genealogy podcasts

GeneaBloggers takes to the airwaves with its new radio show! GeneaBloggers is a community of genealogists and family historians who augment their passion for genealogy by blogging. We currently have over 1,600 genealogy blogs listed in our blogroll from around the world and have a vibrant and vocal group of people seeking to define what it is to be a genealogist in the 21st century.
Gerke Family Tree
Individual family history (GERKE)

Grow Your Family History
Australian genealogy, Individual family history

Hedding Family Tree – Africa/Australia
Australian genealogy, Individual family history (HEDDING), South African genealogy

Hollins Family History
Individual family history (HOLLINS, HOLLAND)

Hyde Cheshire
UK genealogy

Iowa Wisconsin Brassfield Genealogy
Individual family history (BRASSFIELD), Iowa genealogy, Surname blog, Midwest genealogy, Wisconsin genealogy

Japanese Genealogy Blog
Japanese genealogy

Kendall Family History Services
Professional genealogist, UK genealogy

Lesher Genealogy
Individual family history (LESHER)

Musings of a Genealogy Nut
Individual family history

Our Family Line
Individual family history (MATHIS)

Peg’s and MJ’s Genealogy Exchange
Genealogy education blog

Prince William County Genealogy
Virginia genealogy

Searchin’ for Kinfolk
Individual family history (GILL, HENDRICKSON)

Seeber-Wright Family Tree
Individual family tree (SEEBER, WRIGHT)

Shively Family Genealogy
Individual family history (SHIVELY)

Stone Gardens
Cemetery blog (mostly Texas)

Tangled Roots and Other Histories
Individual family history

Totally Related
Individual family history

White River Township
Indiana genealogy

To see the logos for each blog and read more about the authors and their goals, click on the Geneabloggers.com post link above.

Thank you, Thomas, for this interesting weekly roundup.

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