06 February 2011

Denver: 'Getting past Grandpa,' February 13

Finding records outside the US will be discussed at the next meeting of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Colorado on Sunday, February 13.

"Getting Past Grandpa: Finding Records Outside the US" - with speaker Sandra Greenberg - begins at 10am, at Temple Emanuel, 51 Grape Street, Denver.

This session is part of the seven-session "Jewish Family Tree Initiative: Workshop and Mentoring Series" of the JGSCo. The series is free to members, and $30 for others.

Learn how to identify resources online and offline for documenting family history outside of the US. Some foreign archival holdings are not only online in English, but many provide indexes to find out what records exist for ancestral towns. Tips, tricks and techniques for successfully retrieving records will be discussed.

The mentoring series was develooped to help beginners get started in Jewish family history research. Each session includes an instructional lecture and a hands-on workshop to assist with the creation of family trees and historical research utilizing genealogical resources and techniques. Mentoring assistance outside of class will be available.

The series is open to all, with a $30 one-time fee for non-members for a book and materials. The fee also includes a one-year membership in the JGSCo. Attendance is not required at all seven sessions to participate; jump in any time to get started!

For more information, check out the JGSCo website.

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