11 January 2011

JewishGen: Hungarian census updated

The Other Hungarian Census 1770-1850 database has been updated with 14,000 new entries for a current total of 70,000 records.

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The transcribing team has competed about 99% of the Hungarian 1771-1775 Conscriptio Judaeorum (Jewish Census) records. 

Records from this time used patronymics; surnames were not yet required. The project recommends that researchers conduct a town search. If a name of interest is located, do check the microfilmed record as not all the information has been transcribed. Don't forget that these original records are in Latin! Other data includes occupation, assets and economic condition of the person.

The following countries are represented in the updated data: Bereg, Bihar, Csanad, Esztergom, Lipto, Maramaros, Nyitra, Pest-Pilis-Solt, Saros, Somogy, Szatmar, Szepes, Tolna, Torna, Trencsen, Turocz, Ugocsa, Ung, Veszprem, Zala, and Zemplen (this last county includes an 1806 list for Sztropko District, 1814 Tolerance Tax list and 1821-22 Census of Jewish Arendators).

The project, according to the project coordinator Eric M. Bloch, hopes to obtain more 19th century census records to include in the database.

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