31 October 2010

Hungary, Austria: 'Spirit of Gradisce' website

Areas of western Hungary have been part of Austria since 1921. A website offers Jewish history and information about this geographical region.

Established by the former editor of the American Burgenland Bunch Newsletter - Hannes Graf - the website, Spirit of Gradisce, provides articles and stories about this region prior to and through the events of the Holocaust.

Sections include:

-- Jewish Lackenbach
-- Jewish Frauenkirchen
-- Jewish Kittsee
-- Jewish History Burgenland
-- Jewish Gattendorf
-- Destroyed Jewish Communities

The setions are interesting and provide much on the Jewish history of these places through the events of the Holocaust. Those with ancestral roots in this area should find information helpful to their general knowledge.

Visit the site at the link above for more.

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  1. Anonymous4:48 PM


    I have plans for this website to grow and become a complete overview about ALL Jewish communities in Burgenland. I hope it finishes by the end of 2010. Then I'll try to add some communities from the neighborhood of the Western Hungarian Komitates, e.g. Vas, Györ and Zala.
    Next stories will be about Zelem/Deutschkreutz, Asch/Eisenstadt and Kobersdorf.
    Hannes Graf