19 May 2010

Wanted: TV genealogists

Looking for a media break? The Travel Channel is getting in on roots action with a new series, and they are looking for professional genealogists.

Here's the casting call:

Calling all Professional Genealogists

Travel Channel is casting an exciting new series about the journey and process of locating missing heirs. We are looking for professional genealogists only. Must have a proven track record of successful investigations resulting in the location of missing heirs – preferably internationally as well as domestically. Must be charismatic and comfortable on camera and MUST HAVE photos and video of yourself.

Contact Timothy Hedden,

Video? Hmmmmm. Randy Seaver and I have some video snippets from our Australian meet-up in Sydney - on the ferry and at gorgeous Manley Beach. Somehow, I don't think that's what the Travel Channel wants.

Let's hope that some of our Geneablogger colleagues win this gig!


  1. Finding missing heirs is not genealogy - anybody who has tried to find descendents of a ggrandparent's brother or sister knows that is much harder! I think that they are trying to co-opt the recent TV interest in geneealogy. And if it isn't your family, you have no known cousins who might help you to know to look in Australia or somewhere.

  2. Maria Jose Surribas2:23 AM

    Schelly, it is really surprising your ability to know about everything what is happening everywhere !!
    I find this posting most interesting. I'll keep it for in case in the future I decide to apply for working on it... don't think they need Spanish Genealogists...