27 March 2010

Tracing the Tribe is back!!!

Hello, loyal readers.

Tracing the Tribe arrived back in the early hours of Friday morning and has spent two days recovering from jet lag.

Tons of things piled up to work on, so expect a busy week - despite the holiday!

Enjoy your Passover holiday with your family and friends.

-- Make your favorite ethnic Passover dishes.

-- Remember to talk about your own family's unique journey geographically to where you live today. Recall your ancestors, talk about their experiences.

-- Involve the younger generations.

-- When you gather for your seders, also make time to go over family photographs.

-- Ask your seder guests to each bring an old family photo (a copy, please, as wine stains don't really improve old photos) for "show and tell."

-- Try various means to transmit your family's journey: Maps, photos, names, dates, countries, photos of ships that your family traveled on to wherever they went, funny stories and more.

-- Tell Tracing the Tribe about your seder experiences in the comment section. Share your nostalgia, the good times and the sad.

-- Remember to take pictures of your seders and everyone who attends them, video as well as still photos. It's a good holiday habit to get into!

With best wishes to all my readers
at this very special time of year,


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