28 March 2010

JewishGen: ShteLinks additions

Check out these geographic locations below. Are any of them part of your unique family history?

If so, view the pages, contact the site creator or compiler and add your family's information. This is one way to create a living memorial to your ancestors.
(NOTE: N=new site, U=updated)

Baligrod (N)
Created: Maurice I. Kessler
Webmaster: Arie Schwartz.

Ilza (Drildz) (N)
Created: Barbara Sontz

Debrecen (N)
Compiled: Eugene Katz
Created/Webpage Design: Marshall J. Katz

Tiszafured (N)
Compiled: Dr. Agnes (nee Szego) Orbanne
Created/Webpage Design: Marshall J. Katz

Hodmezovasarhely (U)

Iasi (N)
Created: Robert Zavos

Lackenbach (Lakompak) (U)
You, too, can create a new ShtetLinks webpage for your ancestral shtetl or adopt an existing page that has been "orphaned" and requires a dedicated person to maintain it.

If you are interested in starting such a project but need help with website design, a team of volunteers is available to help you.

For more information, send an email.

Tracing the Tribe is always available to ShtelLink site creators to help the Jewish genealogy world learn about your project and find more descendants who may wish to get involved.

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