12 March 2010

Sacramento: Making connections, March 21

Holocaust survivor Liz Igra will speak on "Connections Small and Grand," at the next meeting of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento, California, on Sunday, March 21.

The program starts at 10am, at the Albert Einstein Residence Center, 1935 Wright St., Sacramento, California.

Born in Krakow, Liz and her mother escaped from the Czorkow ghetto in October 1942, hid on false papers, crossed the Carpathian Mountains on foot, spent time in a Budapest jail and were released, and again went into hiding when Germany took control of Hungary.

They were liberated in 1945 and returned to Poland to find only one other member of their family. After time in Poland and France, the women immigrated to Australia and then to the US in 1968.

Liz has been an elementary and high school teacher, administrator, workshop presenter and helped start Sacramento's Shalom School.

For 20 years, she has spoken in many classrooms and at teacher conferences. Many teachers confirmed her personal observations, that even the best seminars do not equip teachers to meet the challenges of teaching about the Holocaust.

To help change that, Liz founded the Central Valley Holocaust Educators' Network. She hopes her story will lead to a better understanding of the Holocaust and the important lessons to be learned.

Click here for more information about the Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento.

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