11 March 2010

Faces of America: Episodes online through March 18

Tracing the Tribe has missed watching "Faces of America" with Henry Louis Gates.

I'm not sure if they will be shown in Israel or elsewhere, but all four episodes are now online at PBS.org.

No reason to be out of the loop or genealogically culturally deprived as others talk about this interesting series.

Just click on the PBS.org link above and see all of them, but only until March 18.

Tracing the Tribe has been unsuccessful in accessing the US-version of WDYTYA on my international travels. I've checked several links, none of them work.

Emails to my Ancestry.com contacts have not produced any appropriate contacts at NBC to either let the channel know the links are not available internationally (although the British version episodes are) or if a fix can be worked out so such viewers can see the series online.

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