19 March 2010

Kangaroos, koalas and wombats - Oh my!

This non-genealogical morning was devoted to Australia's unusual animals.

My first animal encounter (below) was with a joey - a baby kangaroo - named Blossom.

What did I see? Kangaroos, wallabies, wallaroos, echidnia (porcupine-ish), wombats, emus, many colorful birds and many koalas, of course. There was a strange white long-feathered white chicken.

Koalas were next up.

Sorry I didn't get this one's name (right).

There were lots of free-hopping wallabies, which are a smaller marsupial than kangaroos. Visitors can buy ice-cream cones filled with their feed.

Not sure what this bird is called.

However, he sports yellow feathers on his head which look exactly like a long blonde wig - kind of a rocker bird.

Fairy penguins - the smallest variety - were enjoying the water today - except for these two!

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