21 March 2010

Holocaust: Galician deportation films now online

The Museum of Family History's Film Series short films will be online through April 4.

The first film incorporates three geographic locations; one is allegedly a Galician village during he war. The last 90 seconds appears to be the deportation from the Lodz Ghetto.

Steve Lasky of the Museum of Family History is asking Tracing the Tribe readers for confirmation of these details:

"While watching the end of this film, I felt that I was in the railroad car as people were boarding.

"It's one thing to read about the deportations, or see still photos, or even see films about the Lodz Ghetto, but another to see actual footage.

"I am hoping that someone who once lived in these areas or is otherwise familiar with the landmarks in these towns will be able to identify the town."
If you can do this for Steve, he will send another post and inform everyone.

Also, while it is unlikely that readers may recognize anyone in the film, one never knows, so do take a look.

The 8 1/2-minute clip name is "Deportations of Jews" (aka "Deportation to the Death Camps"), and was allegedly shot by a Nazi cameraman.

The second film is 3 1/2-minutes and shows deportation of Jews to the Krakow Ghetto. The title is "Deportation to the Krakow Ghetto."

Take a look at both clips. If you can help Steve, send him an email. You can also access Steve's blog.

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