27 February 2010

RootsTelevision: Disappearing act :-(

Although Tracing the Tribe has heard about these plans for some time, it is never official until the "letter" is sent out. Here's Megan Smolyanek Smolyanek's official announcement:

Dear RootsTelevision.com Viewer,

It's with mixed feelings that I'm sharing the news that I will be closing RootsTelevision.com (RTV) as of March 10th. Back in 2006, RTV was launched to fill a void. As I wrote at the time:

"We've been perplexed for a long time. These days, there's a horse channel, a wine channel, a sailing channel, a poker channel, a guitar channel, and even a shipwreck channel. So why, we wondered, isn't there a channel servicing the millions of people interested in genealogy and family history?"

The good news is that this yawning gap is now being filled.

Genealogy is finally going mainstream. Some of you are probably already watching Faces of America on PBS and The Generations Project on BYU. And many, I'm sure, have heard of the imminent launch on NBC of Who Do You Think You Are? (a series I'm proud to be affiliated with, and for which, I wrote the companion book).

The non-genealogical world is finally waking up to the long overlooked potential of what we roots-sleuths do on a daily basis, as you can read in this article:
Roots TV Becomes New Branch of Reality TV

I'm honored to have had the opportunity to fill this void for more than three years.

I hope that you have enjoyed the hundreds of high quality videos that RootsTelevision.com has produced or selected. From the viewing numbers and kind comments, I know that many of you have. It's been a privilege to give the genealogical community this resource, but this seems the appropriate time to move on.

We'll be featuring some of RTV's most popular videos during our final days, so please come on over and enjoy them. Thank you for your viewership and friendship. Og and I will miss you!

Megan Smolenyak2


P.S. If any genealogical entities would be interested in "adopting" RootsTelevision.com, I would be open to that possibility, but would need to hear from you immediately. (
Contact Megan)

Tracing the Tribe has enjoyed viewing the offerings and has even been featured in some. It offered a new way of looking at, and learning about, genealogy and family history.

Marcy Brown and Megan were fixtures at some conferences, interviewing speakers and attendees. We'll miss the RTV booth!

I'm looking forward to seeing Megan at Jamboree 2010 in June.

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