27 February 2010

Jamboree 2010: Program now online

Talk about jet-setting.

Tracing the Tribe is in Hong Kong - and loving every minute - on the way to Australia for the 2nd Australian Jewish Genealogy Conference. In just a few months, I'll be in California for the Southern California Genealogical Society's Jamboree 2010 (June 11-13) and JGSLA 2010 (July 11-16).

Jamboree 2010's program is now online, ready to download.

Read the list of sponsors and exhibitors, as well as:

-- Class schedules and descriptions.
-- Speaker bios.
-- Details on Friday morning JamboFREE events.
-- Hotel and restaurant information.-- Special Jamboree meals (breakfasts, banquets) and tours.

-- Registration form and other details

-- Info on the hands-on computer labs and mini-courses

-- AND George C. Morgan's free webinar (Saturday, March 27) on "How to Get theMost Out of Jamboree."

Watch the Jamboree blog for webinar announcements.

Tracing the Tribe will participate in a blogger panel and present a DNA talk.

-- Saturday, June 12, 11:30am-12:30pm:
Blogger Summit Part 2: Now that You’re a Genealogy Blogger. (Cooke, Dardashti, Doyle, MacEntee, Manson).
So you have a blog? Now what? Learn how to make blogging fun with tips from our panel of expert genealogy bloggers. You’ll learn about keeping posts fresh, making blogging beneficial to your genealogy research and possibly profitable as well, with tips on marketing your blog.

-- Saturday, June 12, 2-3pm:
The Iberian Ashkenaz DNA Project: The Administrator's Viewpoint.
Learn how to develop and build a DNA project. This session covers the nuts and bolts from initial concept, project goal, criteria, encouraging participation, results and what they mean.

See you in Burbank!

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