25 July 2009

Hungary: 9,000 Jewish census records added

Hungarian researchers now have access to 9,000 additional Jewish Census Records (1770-1850) to the database.

Here are the counties and years for the new records:

Abauj 1773
Arad 1773
Arva 1774-5
Bacs-Bodrog 1773-4
Barany 1775
Bihar 1816, 1820-21
Fejer (Alba) 1774
Gyor (Jaur) 1770, 1774
Hont 1770, 1775
Komarom 1771, 1774, 1775
Moson 1770, 1773
Pozsony 1770, 1773, 1774
Szatmar 1771
Zala 1770, 1773
Zemplen 1771, 1774
Additional counties are being transcribed for the same time period.

The majority of names in these records use patronymics instead of surnames, which may be a challenge to researchers unless they know where their families lived. Use the link below to learn much more about the Hungarian records and also to see which towns are included in the records for the counties listed.

A boon to researchers is that the census recorded whether or not the person was born in Hungary, and if not, how long they had lived there.

According to the Other Hungarian Census Project coordinator Eric M. Bloch, there are cases showing a person in Hungary in the 1690s.

View the database here.

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