10 May 2009

Television: More genealogy-related shows?

Genea-blogger colleague Bill West chimed in on the scheduling delay in the US-version of "Who Do You Think You Are?" and provided ideas for additional genealogy-related shows.

Here are Bill's ideas, followed by mine. Anyone else have gen-related program ideas?

Bill's ideas:

1. "I'm a Genealogist, Get Me Out of Here? - The adventures of five researchers stranded in the Library of Congress. [Note from Schelly: But would we really want to leave? This takes it from the reality genre to the fantasy. Don't we all want to be locked into a library? Or is it just me?]

2. "Genealogy Medium" - Examines the genealogy of the ghosts that Alison DuBois talks with.

3. "Last Gedcom Standing" - Teams of genealogists examine family trees looking for errors.

I'm adding these:

4. "Lost" - Drop teams of genealogists (without language skills) in an unknown international location and ask them to find the family history of a certain family from that location within a set time frame. The first team to complete the task wins either a lot of cash or subscriptions to all the paid-access databases!

And for kids:

5. "Where in the World is Waldo's Family?" - Kids find clues to family history in this animated show.

Okay, time for your ideas!


  1. Thanks for the mention, Schelly!

    But I still wish NBC would make up their mind!


  2. You're welcome, Bill. Ancestry is collaborating on the website, so maybe they need more time to get the package together. Meanwhile, we sit and wait ... and wait ... and wait....