10 May 2009

Museum of Family History: New for May

Steve Lasky of the virtual Museum of Family History has sent along news of content and features added in May.

- Website Redesign

"This past month I introduced a nice redesign of the Museum website. It’s nice to have a change in design after four plus years, so I hope you enjoy it. I think it’s more attractive and allows for easier access to major exhibitions." All redesigned pages feature a Google-powered search engine at the top, to help search the site more efficiently. There is also an index for all audio and video clips with links to the pages.

- Perspectives e-newsletter

Those who have contributed material to the Museum will receive the e-newsletter, Perspectives. It will include advance previews of exhibits and more. Sign up here.

- Philly 2009

During Steve's program at the upcoming conference, he will - for the first time - display and provide details about three new interactive floor maps to provide another way of accessing the material on the site.

- Exhibits

The Jews of Latvia/Churbn Lettland: The Destruction of the Jews of Latvia: The full English translation (minus a few missing pages) is now online. Simply click on the word “here” on that page. Many of the exhibition’s URLs have changed; use the links on the new Table of Contents page to find the sections desired. The book includes mention of transports of Jews from Kovno and Vilna.

Synagogues of Europe: Photographs of two dozen synagogues that once stood in Austria - most in Vienna - are here. More synagogue photos will be added from more European countries.

Yiddish Theatre Placards: More New York City Yiddish productions starring Berta Kalich (as "Hamlet"), Boris Thomashefsky, Jacob P. Adler et al. have been added.

World Holocaust Memorials: United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia: Monument to the Six Million Jewish Martyrs.

Questions? Want more information? Have material to contribute? Email Steve.

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