21 April 2009

Poland: A memorial in Dobra

Roni Seibel Liebowitz of the Lodz Area Research Group (LARG) informed Tracing the Tribe about a memorial in Dobra, Poland.

Last summer, a very special event took place in Dobra (near Turek), Poland. This project is the result of the dedication and perseverance of Dr. Leon Weintraub.

Over the past few years, he worked to have a "Place of Remembrance" at the old Jewish cemetery created that would honor the memory of all the Jews who lived in Dobra before the Holocaust.

He had the vision and did the fundraising for this Monument.

He arranged for the broken tombstones around town to be moved to the new location. It was his enthusiasm and commitment to create a Place of Remembrance in Dobra that led to the completion of this remarkable project.
The monument, Weintraub's speech, more photos and information about the process of creating this memorial - "The Place of Remembrance" is now on-line on the Lodz Area Research Group (LARG) page.

Weintraub is to be commended on the completion of this memorial.

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