21 April 2009

New blog: Chris Dunham's Family Historian

Chris Dunham writes The Genealogue, but since he seems to have more time on his hands he's just put together a new site, The Family Historian, which is collecting and categorizing blog posts offering genealogy advice.

Says Chris:

There are now 200 posts in the collection, and more will be added as long as the Internet and my interest in genealogy persist.I'll have final say over what posts are included, but I've added a star rating system to allow visitors to offer their opinions, so that (eventually) the best articles may rise to the top and be more easily found.
He invites viewers to help the cause by rating the posts (using the hand-dandy star ratings at the bottom of each) and also to suggest blog posts that have helped viewers with research. Fill out this form or send Chris an email with a link list.

If you're a blogger, search your memory and your archives for the best advice posts and let him know.

Chris is looking for, in his inimitable style:
- Advice that is aimed at a broad audience, and not just at the people who attend your grandmother's birthday parties.

- Advice that is genealogical. Tips on choosing a digital camera, for example, won't be included unless they are tips on choosing the best digital camera for genealogy or family history.

-Advice that is advice. I'm not looking for news or simple reviews. Nor am I looking for posts that simply point to resources elsewhere on the Web without commentary on how to best use those resources.

- Subscribe to the
All Advice feed and be alerted to the freshest posts added to the database. (Each category has its own feed).
To those Tracing the Tribe readers not familiar with Chris - he is genealogy's resident quirky comedian, whose Genealogue posts are always good for a great genealogy giggle.

Chris adds that he hopes the new site will become a database of our geneablogger's collective wisdom.
It is my expectation that this will become another project that keeps me from having a social life. Either way, some worthy blogs will get a little extra traffic, some confused genealogists will find direction, and I will continue to spend my Saturday nights alone.
Okay, people, let's help Chris by sending him the posts he's looking for.

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