09 April 2009

Hungary: Memorial to Holocaust victims

The archives in Hegyeshalom, Hungary have revealed that 124 Jews were buried in mass graves in the town's Christian cemetery from November 1944-March 1945.

On April 21 - Holocaust Remembrance Day - survivor Shraga Shemer will return to unveil a monument to those souls, including his father.

The Jerusalem Post reported that the names and details of 84 victims were in the archives, which also revealed detailed descriptions of the 40 dead not identified by name.

Shemer has been visiting the town for several years to research his own history. This new discovery was announced, by Matan Barzilay, archive director of the Testimony House of Religious Zionism and the Holocaust, near Ashdod.

Many of the dead died in a typhus outbreak, as did Shemer's father. The town is located along the Nazi death march route from Budapest to Vienna, he said.

On his visits to the town, Shemer met the mayor who told him about the archive details.

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