26 February 2009

UK: "Culinary Judaism' conference, July 2009

A foodie call for papers has been announced.

The Philly 2009 international Jewish genealogy conference is right on track with its own "Jews and Food" sessions. Here's an entire conference built on this theme organized by the British Association for Jewish Studies.

The event takes place July 12-14 in Durham, UK. For more information, click here.

The theme is Culinary Judaism.

Speakers are invited to present papers concerning all issues related to food and the use of food in Jewish texts and cultures, addressing commensality, cooking, creation of boundaries, identity, symbolism, sacrifice and material cultural objects related to or symbolic of eating, etc.

Culinary is interpreted broadly and extends to sacrifice and other symbolic uses of food or food related objects.

Submit proposal titles, 250-word abstract and brief CV (a paragraph) by mail to BAJS Conference Abstracts, Prof. Seth Kunin, Faculty Office, Elvet Riverside Block 2, New Elvet DH1 3JT, s.d.kunin@durham.ac.uk by 31 March 2009.

Kunin is also handling proposals for the Society of Crypto-Judaic Studies conference, August 2-4, in Denver, Colorado.

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