26 February 2009

Australia: History of Jewish publications

Looking to trace Jewish ancestors in Australia? The University of Sydney, Archive of Australian Judaica has just issued its 2008 edition of some 400 Jewish publications that have been published in Australia.

Each may hold the keys to your family's details!

For background and history, click here, to see the variety of periodicals, including English and Yiddish newspapers, synagogue publications, journals and more.

To see the list of the 400 publications in a 208-page PDF, click here

This is just one section of the listings and the date runs:

Communal Newspapers - State and National

The Australasian Hebrew, v.1, no 1-v.2, no 26 (Nov 1895 - Nov 1896)
Australian Hebrew Times, Jan 1894 - Dec 1894?
The Australian Israelite, v.1, no 1-v.4, no 44 (1871 - May 1875)
The Australian Jewish Chronicle, v.1, no 1-v.9, no 2 (Mar 1922 - June 1930); ns v.1, no 1-v.11, no 77 (June 1930 - Feb 1931)
The Australian Jewish Herald, v.1 (1920-1933); ns v.1-90 (1935 - Aug 1980). Supersedes The Jewish Herald, v.1, no 1- v.40 (1879-1919)
Australian Jewish News, v.1 (May 1935)+. Supersedes The Jewish Weekly News, (Oct 1933 - May 1935)
Australian Jewish News. Melbourne edition, Apr 1990+. Continues
Australian Jewish News
Australian Jewish News.
Sydney edition, v.9, no 6 (Apr 1990)+. Continues the Australian Jewish Times
The Australian Jewish Times, v.61, no 48-v.9, no 5 (1935 - Mar 1990). Continued by The Australian Jewish News. Sydney edition. Incorporated Sydney Jewish News from 1971. Continues The Jewish Times, v.60, no 16-v.61, no 47 (1953-1955). Continues The Hebrew Standard of Australasia, v.1, nos 1-2 (Nov, Dec 1895); v.2, no 1-v.60, no 15 (July 1897 - Oct 1953)
The Communal Opinion, v.1, no 1-v.2 (Oct 13, 1913-1914)
Hebrew Standard of Australasia, v.1, nos 1-2 (Nov, Dec 1895); v.2, no 1-v.6, no 15 (July 1897 - Oct 1953). Continued by The Jewish Times
JNF: The Link with Israel, v.1, no 1 (1950s-1960s). Superseded by Shalom The Jewish Herald, v.1, no 1-v.40 (1879-1919). Superseded by The Australian Jewish Herald
The Jewish Observer, v.1, no 1-v.5 (1918-1924).
The Jewish Times, v.6, no 16-v.61, no 47 (1953-1955). Continued by The Australian Jewish Times

152 Jewish Times.
Wellington, 1926-1932. Superseded by The New Zealand Jewish Chronicle
The Jewish Weekly News, Oct 1933 - May 1935. Superseded by The Australian Jewish News
The Judean Bulletin, pre-1941. Superseded by The N.Z. Judean Bulletin
Kesher-Connections: Newsletter, Sydney (Jewish Communal Appeal), no 1 (1992)+
Menorah: Monthly Magazine for Jewish Children, Hunters Hill, NSW (Isabella Lazarus Home), nos 1-2 (Dec 1941 - Feb 1942)
Shalom, Sept 1964-Jy 2004?
The Sydney Jewish News, v.1, no 1-v.34, no 21 (1939-1973). Incorporated Oystralier Leben. Incorporated in Australian Jewish Times
The Voice of Jacob, nos 1-3 (May - Sept 1842)
The Westralian Judean, v.1, nos 1-27 (Nov 1924 - Sept 1955)

Look at the complete listings and details for each publication. If you are looking for family members who may have gone to Australia, these publications may be very important to your quest.

Remember that life cycle events (birth, engagement, marriage, death) were a big part of such publications' content and may hold many genealogical clues.

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