25 November 2008

Vienna: Sephardic databases now online

Three databases on the Turkish (Sephardic) community of Vienna, Austria are now online, according to Mathilde Tagger of Jerusalem.

These include the:

Birth Register: Some 4,000 individuals, including the newborn, parents, maybe a grandparent, midwife and mohel (ritual circumciser).

Wedding Register: Some 5,000 individuals for some 800 marriages, including bride, groom, parents, maybe grandparents.

Tombstone Inscriptions: 192 Sephardic graves from the Zentral Friedhof (Central Cemetery) of Vienna, based on photos taken by the amazing Celia Male of London, who also writes for the International Jewish Graveyard Rabbit. These inscriptions are in Hebrew, German, Judeo-Spanish, Serbian and Bulgarian.

Sephardic research pioneer Jeff Malka also participated in making this possible as he scanned the birth and wedding registers from microfilms at the Family History Library.


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  2. The article that you gave the link to was about Iceland which was very interesting. I recommend readers to read that article via your link.

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