25 November 2008

DNA: End-of-year savings at FamilyTreeDNA.com

Those of us with FamilyTreeDNA projects are always looking for ways to encourage more people to join. We eagerly look forward to the company's end-of-year special price breaks.

Others - who have been thinking about starting a first-time project or an additional project - use these breaks to get their group going.

Everyone loves a sale! And the special prices encourage the holiday gifting of kits. A FamilyTreeDNA kit:

- is always the right size
- is always the right color
- is hypo-allergenic
- no complicated assembly
- no batteries
- takes up no room
- means the recipient won't have to stand on lines to return it
- adds so much to our group and general knowledge

I'm sure there are other reasons readers can offer, so please chime in with your comments.

Pricing is in effect through December 31, 2008 for kits ordered and paid for through that date. Prices are:

Y-DNA37 - $119
Y-DNA37+mtDNAPlus - $199
Y-DNA67 - $218
Y-DNA67+mtDNAPlus - $308
mtDNAPlus - $139
Full Genomic mtDNA - $395
SuperDNA - $613

For more details, go to FamilyTreeDNA for ordering information or to set up a new project.

We hope that more Tracing the Tribe readers will be able to add more individuals and gain additional knowledge about their family or community with their ongoing project, and that many more researchers will finally take the next step to initiate a new or first-time project.

If you have questions about setting up a DNA project, just contact the friendly people at the company.

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