10 October 2007

Steve Morse adds One-Step Russian tools

Steve Morse's website offers tools for handling non-English alphabets.

Included are transliteration tools for Hebrew/English, Russian/English and Greek/ English, and also for converting between Hebrew print/Hebrew cursive.

His latest help for the linguistically-challenged is a conversion tool between Russian printed and Russian cursive alphabets.

I certainly wish this had been available when I began going through the seven microfilms of the Crown Rabbinate Records for Mogilev, Belarus. Back then, I had Russian friends write, in various handwritings, the printed and cursive forms of Talalay, Ratner, Jassen and the other families I was researching. That piece of paper went with me on every research trip, and eventually I learned how to read what I was looking for in spite of bad handwriting and damaged records.

Find Steve's latest contribution to genealogy on his site by scrolling to "Dealing with Characters in Foreign Alphabets," then "Converting from Russian Cursive to Print in One Step" and "Converting from Russian Print to Cursive in One Step."

Steve is always happy to answer questions from those who use these useful tools; find his email on his website.

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