10 October 2007

New York: Jewish mothers revised

Jewish mothers are important to our quests for genealogical data. Where would we be without them?

The Jewish Women's Archive (JWA) does some very interesting things in a variety of fields. I just received notice of this program now, and hope some New York readers may be able to attend.

"Our Mothers, Ourselves: The Jewish Mother Revised and Re-Invented," with Joyce Antler and Lauren Antler, will take place at 6.30pm, Thursday, October 11, at New York City's Jewish Museum, in collaboration with the JWA.

The JWA announcement reads:

The Jewish Mother is one of the best-known figures in popular culture.

Joyce Antler, professor of American Jewish History and Culture at Brandeis University and author of You Never Call! Your Never Write! A History of the Jewish Mother, will trace the evolution of the "Yiddishe Mama" as popularized by Sophie Tucker and Gertrude Berg's "Molly Goldberg," to the colossal, oversized "monster" mother mocked by Philip Roth, Woody Allen, and others, through the present day re-interpretation of the Jewish Mother by leading feminist scholars and stand-up comedians.

Lauren Antler, stand-up comic and Senior Program Manager of the Jewish Women's Archive, will offer reflections entitled, What to Wear When You're Fighting the Patriarchy: Lessons from the Daughter of a Jewish Feminist.

For more information about the program, call: 212-423-3240

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