24 August 2007

Learning from photographs and more

Family Tree Magazine has information-filled blogs for genealogists investigating their family history.

Photo expert and author Maureen Taylor writes the Photo Detective Blog for the magazine, in which she provides expert information on the clues in old photos. Readers may submit photos for free analysis, and the topic index is here.

The Now What? blog is written by Diane Haddad. Items cover many topics: Viewing online photos, immigrants who didn't arrive at Ellis Island, questions and tips for kids interviewing grandparents, converting PC files to Mac files, real estate records, ancestors in state hospital records, newspaper research and more. The topic index is here.


  1. Schelly,

    Thank you for the great link to "Photo Detective Blog." For those of us fortunate to own old photographs of our family, it is a great help to figure out their significance beyond the names of those contained in them.


  2. Hi, Janice

    Maureen Taylor is a true genius in pointing out photo clues. Prior to seeing her books and learning about her, I thought a picture was a picture. Now, I look at a sleeve style, a hat or the landscape.

    I have a few old family photos from Mogilev, Belarus that need an expert's eye, and I plan to send one in to her for her comments.