24 August 2007

Bloggers chime in on the IGG/GGG issue

DearMYRTLE and Jasia at Creative Gene have both posted entries providing information on Internet site providers and related issues. I'm sure there will be more.

For those interested in learning about Website management, bandwidth and use costs for individuals and small societies, read DearMYRTLE's post here.

She covers website costs that online researchers may not be aware of (although we should), adds more information on accessing the Italian and German databases through Steve Morse's One-Step website, Internet radio streaming and podcasting, genealogy website management revisted, efficient search engines, bandwidth costs and more.

Importantly, she wrote that the Italian Genealogical Group's ISP would have been more overwhelmed if researchers had not gone through Steve's more efficient search engine. More efficient search engines mean visitors spend fewer frustrating hours on a specific website.

I think most of us remember that there was some contentious friction way back when between Steve and EllisIslandRecords.org when his efficient search engine was used by so many of us. Today that site even states that Steve's is a better search engine.

DearMYRTLE described her own switch to a different ISP and how it was fairly painless, and why she chose to do podcast technology over expensive internet radio streaming.

Jasia referred to the the word that we are uncomfortable speaking about - money - and the larger issue of website management for various organizations.

Read both for more information on these issues. Thank you, colleagues, for these posts.

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