23 May 2007

UK: Email lives forever!

Want your best emails ever to live forever? Just submit them to the first-ever national email archive not run by a national intelligence agency.

Microsoft has announced a collaboration with the British Library to create the first-ever British email archive.

"Email Britain," running through May, asks Brits to submit "memorable or significant email from their sent mail or inbox, for inclusion in a digital archive that will be stored at the British Library for future generations."

Email has become the most important communication tool for the 21st century with millions of emails containing rich and diverse content sent in the UK every day* – none of which have been captured and archived on this scale before. The Email Britain collection of real-life emails will provide an important snapshot of British life over email – the good, the bad, the ugly and the amusing – to produce a unique social history catalogue of life and culture in Britain today which can be read and enjoyed by Library visitors for centuries to come.

The British Library's British Collections head John Tuck says email has replaced many traditional forms of communications represented in the library. The new project will enable archiving of current communications, valuable to future researchers.

For more information, click here or send them directly to email@emailbritain.co.uk.

Make sure to check off the category of your entries: Blunders, Life Changing Emails, Complaints, Spam, Love and Romance, Humour, Everyday Emails, News, World Around You or Tales from Abroad.

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