21 May 2007

Seattle: Weaving Women's Words

One of my favorite cities is Seattle, where I have friends and family in the Sephardic and Ashkenazi communities.

The Jewish Women's Archive offers many interesting articles. Their "Weaving Women's Words: Seattle Stories" section includes the stories of 30 remarkable women in that community. An additional 30 stories spotlight the women of Baltimore.

”These are women whose lives - in large and small ways - have touched and influenced thousands of people in and beyond their communities. They created families and businesses; textiles and food-laden tables; literature and music; institutions and homes. They came here from places like Turkey and Rhodes, from Germany and Romania; from Mississippi and New York City and Seattle’s own hills. They converse in English and Yiddish, Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) and German. They have wrestled with fears, and crossed boundaries of faith and cultures and nationalities and professions. They have reflected on lessons handed down to them, and on the lessons of their own well-lived lives."

In addition to the women's stories, there are artifacts and the stories behind them, including a beautiful cross-stitched family tree.


  1. I admire your work in tracing our elite Jewish blood-lines all the way back to the Holy Lands.

    Well done.

  2. Hi, Larry

    Thank you for writing. I am delighted when readers take the time to post comments.

    As important as tracing the lines back is the work done by many worldwide researchers in tracing where our ancestors went after leaving the Holy Land.

    The Internet has certainly helped in providing access to new resources and interesting information. Tracing the Tribe's premise is to inform readers about the possibilities and recent discoveries covering a wide range of subjects.