11 February 2007

Where will you be in July?

Many Jewish genealogists from around the world will be heading to Salt Lake City to attend the 27th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy from July 15-20, 2007.

Co-chairs Hal Bookbinder (Los Angeles) and Michael Brenner (Las Vegas) say
the event will offer a wide range of programs to complement outstanding research opportunities at the Family History Library.

The Conference's opening session, on July 15, will feature Paul A. Shapiro, director of the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. He will discuss the history of efforts to open the International Tracing Services' Archives at Bad Arolsen to researchers, the Archive's holdings, digitization of its records and the current state of access. These archives contain millions of documents on Holocaust victims which have been generally inaccessible to researchers.

The banquet, on July 19, will feature Dan Rottenberg, speaking on his book, "Finding Our Fathers," on the 30th anniversary of its publication. When "Finding Our Fathers: A Guidebook to Jewish Genealogy" appeared in 1977, following the Roots series on television, a mass of people realized that they could also trace their families and the modern Jewish genealogy movement was launched.

If DNA or genetics fascinate you, then Wednesday, July 18 will be your day!

From morning to evening, a series of genetic-oriented programs will include Syd Mandelbaum's "Helping to Find Those Who Were Lost, The DNA Shoah Project," Bennett Greenspan's "Genetics 2007," Jon Entine's "Abraham's Children: Race, Identity, & the DNA of 'The Chosen People'" and Gary Frohlich's, "Our Heritage & Our Health - Genetic Conditions Among the Ashkenazim". Extensive Q&A sessions and a DNA collection will take place.

Still not enough? There's more on Friday morning with Herbert Huebscher's "DNA and Classic Genealogy Join to Solve Genealogical Puzzle."

These are only a sampling of the 120+ programs to be offered during the conference. Some are favorites, but many programs will be offered for the first time.

To learn more about conference programming, research at the Family History Library, the conference film festival, the photographic exhibit, sights to see in Utah and more, check out the conference Web site, where you can register online and reserve your room.

Sign up for the "Salt Lake City 2007" discussion group to hear about conference plans, share your thoughts, questions and answers.

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  1. This is an old posting, however, Footnote.com has all of its Holocaust Records open for free until the end of this year so please take advantage of them!