10 February 2007

Poland: Lublin Yeshiva reopens

Poland's Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich will officially bring in the Torah scroll to the renovated Lublin, Poland synagogue on February 11. The ceremony will take place in front of 2,000 Polish Jews and Lublin residents.

Prior to WWII, Lublin, Poland was an important center of Jewish life and education. Its Jewish community dates to the early 1300s and increased after 1336, following Casimir the Great's granting of the "privilege of settlement."

In 1930, the city's largest Talmudic school opened; some 20,000 people attended the ceremony. On the eve of the war, there were some 40,000 Jews living in Lublin, representing 40% of the city's population. Most Jewish Lubliners were murdered in Majdanek.

The building, most recently the home of the Lublin Medical Academy, was returned three years ago to the Warsaw Jewish community.

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