21 February 2007

Practical Archivist on the air

Sally Jacobs provides interesting tips on her Practical Archivist blog.

She will do a Practical Archivists Call-In Radio program from 7-8 p.m. (Central/Chicago) on March 5 and will discuss tips on organizing photographs and conquering the clutter and take call-in questions about protecting family treasures. She can also answer questions on rare books, wedding gowns and documents.

Her readership is widespread and calls could come in from around the world.

Sally understands that toll-free calls are not toll-free from outside the United States, and encourages readers to e-mail questions to her at sally@jacobsarchival.com. If she cannot get to them on the air, she will provide answers in her blog.

And you can always listen to the show online via WORT's Live Web Stream. Sally tells me that the shows are also online for at least a month following the broadcast.

And, if you'd like to listen in to WORT, but don't know what time to listen, click the Time Zone Converter.

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