21 February 2007

Inspiring the youngest genealogists?

SpongeBob SquarePants is likely a familiar name if you have little kids or grandkids.

His underwater community is holding its first presidential election
and the race is between SpongeBob's friend Patrick Starfish and not-kosher Larry the Lobster. There were three new cartoons on Presidents Day (which fell on Feb. 19 this year in the U.S.)

One of the three focused on candidate Patrick discovering a royal genealogy document declaring him next in line to receive a kingly title. You know what "they" say - become a candidate for a major office and someone will do your genealogy for you - this apparently even applies to animated undersea creatures.

Will this spark your little ones' interest in family history?
Is this a new trend?
Will Homer Simpson be next in line and set up his town's genealogy society?

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