04 February 2007

The best-dressed genealogist award goes to ...

The award for best-dressed genealogist must go to Dick Eastman, whose recent article on the Scott eVest was enough to make me check it out.

This piece of clothing seems to hold everything any researcher would want or need. A small laptop will even fit into a special pocket. It seemingly cancels the need for a computer bag, a backpack, and the other paraphernalia we seem to lug around. The sleeves even zip off for warmer weather.

One of the best things about the jacket, according to Eastman, is that it can be removed to be x-rayed with all of your high-tech items in one place so you can go through airport security without removing items from pockets and compartments scattered throughout multiple items of clothing, carry-ons, etc.

From the Web site:
Now, it's easy to connect cell phones and music players to PDAs, power sources, and/or listening devices, such as earbuds and headphones. In addition to connectivity, special pockets are designed to accommodate digital cameras, portable keyboards, GPS devices, small laptop computers, two-way radios, bottled water, airplane tickets, magazines, wallets, keys, and much more.

Now you know what to get the genealogist who has everything.

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