04 February 2007

Australia: new list of essential genealogy Web sites

A new Australian genealogy blog is focused on New South Wales research.

The latest posting, "Five essential websites for NSW genealogy," offers information on:

*NSW Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages Historical Index Search, allows searching for 1788-1906 births by name and/or parents’ names; 1788-1976 deaths in the same manner, and 1788-1956 marriages. If an entry is found, you can order the certificate and pay for it online, $AUS$25.00.

*NSW State Records (formerly the Archives Office of NSWA)offers many such indexes as: some censuses; Colonial Secretary Correspondence; Convicts; Court; Police and Prison records; Deceased Estate files; Education and Child Welfare; Immigration and Shipping; Indigenous Australians; Insolvencies; Land records and Naturalization. This is a work in progress, and additional records are added as indexing projects continue.

*Society of Australian Genealogists (Sydney) is an Australian resource (especially for NSW). Online databases include Convicts’ Tickets of Leave, Electoral districts for Sydney Streets, Soldiers and Marines (1787-1830) and NSW Ships Musters (1816-1825).

*State Library of NSW has resources for both Australia and the UK, and it has collections of maps and plans, photos, pictures and newspapers.

*NSW Department of Lands allows limited property searches, and has historical Parish Maps. First find the correct parish using the Geographical Names Board. Towns are included to the street level, and portions have the original owners' names. Map CDs are also available.

Read the complete article for more information, and for another on Australian land records.

Of course, Don't forget about the Australian JGS groups in Sydney and Melbourne. Each society's Web site offers information on local Jewish resources.

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