28 October 2006

Yo ho ho ... Oy! - Update

Following our posting on Swashbuckling Sephardic Pirates (check the Tracing the Tribe’s archives), here’s another on a more entertaining tack: Singing Yiddish Pirates.

If you were at this August’s International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, you surely enjoyed the very entertaining Zalmen Mlotek, executive director of the Folksbiene Theater in New York City, performing old Yiddish theater favorites.

If you liked that, you’ll love this one – wish I could be there -- the Yiddish version of “The Pirates of Penzance” or Di Yam Gazlonim. And - you shouldn’t worry - it will be subtitled in English and Russian!

Mlotek is the musical director of this National Yiddish Theater production. This is the first full Yiddish production in the 127-year history of the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta.

It runs from October 29-November 12 in Manhattan, so those in the New York area should run to see it.

For the story of how it this came about, or to find out about tickets, click here.

Frequent reader Rita Tzohar in Rehovot, Israel, informs me that the above link now goes to the archives (pay for access), but that you can click here to read the NYT story and for tickets.


  1. Hi Schelly,
    I check your blog often and enjoy it very much.
    The link in this posting takes you to a page where you have to pay to read the article (The New York Times does this after about a week) so I couldn't read about the show.
    However, I found the website of the thearter company and there is information on the show as well as many acivities connected with Yiddish culture.
    Here is the link:
    Best regards,
    Risa Tzohar

  2. Dear Risa,

    Thank you for your message and the link to more information. In this day and age of quick communication, we have to be VERY FAST to read things before they disappear!