29 October 2006

Tel Aviv: Rich resources

There’s an interesting building on the Tel Aviv University campus called the Museum of the Diaspora, or Beth Hatefutsoth in Hebrew.

Today, its focus is shifting from the Diaspora Jewish communities to a broader scope that sees all Jews, no matter where they live, as one people.

Although it opened in 1978, the behind-the-scenes holdings are not well known, even in Israel. However, the museum holds a wealth of material for genealogists.

While most visitors go there to see the permanent exhibits, the synagogue models from around the world, and the temporary art and country-focused exhibits, there are also remarkable archives for family history researchers.

For more information on the hidden treasures in music, film, photographs, and of course, in the genealogy center, click here for the new story I wrote for the Jerusalem Post’s Metro weekly.

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