02 July 2010

New feature: More accessibility for readers

Tracing the Tribe is now more accessible to readers with vision problems.

Thanks to Thomas MacEntee at Geneablogger, I learned about a new feature that may prove very useful for those readers.

Readers do not need to download the toolbar onto their own computers, but can merely click the new icon - directly above Tracing the Tribe's logo - at the top of the right sidebar. It looks like this:

Click the icon at the top of the right sidebar and, in a few seconds, a toolbar will appear on the top left of the blog page.

You can zoom in and out on the text, change the text page style (white, black, yellow text on different backgrounds), convert a whole page of (or selected text) to audio (with what seems a Scottish accent!), or even change the font.

I'm interested in hearing from readers who have tried it.

The University of Southampton, School of Electronics and Science provides the JISC TechDis ToolBar. Click on the site to try out the demo (see the left sidebar link) and understand more about it.

Thomas also informed the geneabloggers about this post at makeuseof.com, which offered more information.

Those with vision problems may download the toolbar to their own computers.

Thank you, Thomas, for providing new opportunities to help us learn and to help our readers.

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  1. Looking for any information on Nathan Chart, born about 1884 in Vilna. Moved to Boston at age 18 or so where he met and married Francis Ettinger. I would appreciate any direction or information that you can provide. Thanks

    Mike Chart