01 July 2010

JGSLA 2010: DNA test sale, and many sessions

The FamilyTreeDNA booth at Jamboree was jammed most of the time. It's aways like that whenever Bennett Greenspan and his team are at a conference.

The company also offered very attractive test prices for Jamboree attendees.

We can now announce that FamilyTreeDNA will again offer the same special prices, but only during the 30th IAJGS Conference on Jewish Genealogy, July 11-16, in Los Angeles.

Although the special prices expired June 30, Tracing the Tribe queried Bennett about offering them for the JGSLA 2010 conference attendees, and he agreed. Thank you, Bennett!

If you've been thinking of testing your DNA to find out more about your families, the Los Angeles conference is the place to do it. The special sale was instituted to grow participation in surname and geographic projects and to increase the overall database size.

Prices for July 11-16 only will be:
-- Y-DNA37: $119 (normally $149)
-- Y-DNA67: $199 (normally $239)
-- Y-DNA37+mtDNA bundle: $159 (normally $238)
Wondering about genetic genealogy? There will be 14 related sessions at JGSLA 2010.

For the complete program schedule, go to JGSLA2010.com, click on the "Program" tab and then click on the "complete program." Search by topic, session category, presenter's name and other parameters.

Here's a list of the DNA and genetic sessions:

SUNDAY, July 11

9.30-10.45am: "From DNA to genetic genealogy: Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask," with Steve Morse.

2.05-3.15pm: Having trouble understanding your test results? Make sure to attend Judy Simon's "Jewish Geography and DNA: A Player's Guide."

MONDAY, July 12

8-9.15am Breakfast with the Experts: "Jews, genes and genetics & Unlocking the medical secrets in your family tree," Adele Schneider and Gary Frolich. Session continues, 9.15-10.30am.

10.45-noon: "Beyond the Y chromosome, tracing your genealogy with the 'other' DNA," Bennett Greenspan.

10.45-noon: "Jewish genetic diseases: Ashkenazi and Persian (history, detection & education)," Drs. Richard Gladstein and David Rimoin.

1.50-3pm: Genealogy of the Jewish people (Lost and dispersed communities of India, Uganda, Peru, China, Nigeria, Southern Africa, Italy & Ethiopia)," Jonina Duker.

8.45-10pm: "Legacy: A genetic history of the Jewish people," Dr. Harry Ostrer.

TUESDAY, July 13

8-9.10am: "BOF: DNA project administration," Elise Friedman.

9.15-10.30am: "The Jewish HapMap: What genetics has given to Jews and what Jews have given to genetics," Dr. Harry Ostrer.

12.40-1.45pm, Lunch 'n' Learn: "Create a DNA Project: The IberianAshkenaz DNA Project, a case study," Schelly Talalay Dardashti.


8.15-9.30am: "DNA and the Maharal of Prague," Herbert Huebscher.

2.15-3.30pm: "The captives return: Descendants of forced Iberian converts find their way back to Judaism," Jonina Duker.


8.15-9.30AM: "21st Century Sephardic Genealogy," Schelly Talalay Dardashti.

11.15-12.30pm: DNA, Genetic Genealogy and Identity 101," Matthew Kapan.

See you in Los Angeles!

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